SPS Technology Mission Statement

Sturgis Public Schools is committed to empowering students to use technology which will engage them in creative thinking, problem solving, and working collaboratively in a global community. Adopted 2008

Janene Kosman Technology Director ext 1005
Mike Roop Information Systems Support Analyst ext 1006
Rob Knepper Information Systems Support Analyst ext 1159
Brent Suszko Information Systems Support Specialist ext 1004
Tammy Williams Information Systems Support Specialist-iHelp at the High School ext 1621

Resources for all things techie
Resources for the classroom
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Teacher Coaches 
Ann Bowen-Social Studies High School
Steve Erts-Art High School
Keith Lang-Science High School
VonMetzger-Math High School
Jenni Burg-Science Middle School
Kristin Dinsmore-Math Middle School
Jenni Robare-Math Middle School
Noah Hahn-4th Grade Eastwood
Pam Keeslar-5th Grade Eastwood
Drew Rutenbar-3rd Grade Eastwood
Pete Palasinski Wall
Jeri Tetzolff Congress
JB Starkey Wenzel
Next Hands on Tech/Teacher Support 
Sturgis High School 

 Past Events
google camp  



 Sturgis Public Schools is a member of the St. Joseph County Technology Consortium.
Please check their website for Employment Opportunities